Wedding Photography

Weddings are a huge part of our business. Not only do we love doing them, we've had great feedback from our previous brides & grooms and have recently been awarded for our work being named Best Wedding Photographer in Somerset for 2013 at the Wedding Expert Awards.

We believe that weddings are the only time that incorpates nearly all other disiplines of photography; art, portraiture, fashion, event, children, journalistic, product and landscape. We combine all of these to capture your emotions, in a descreet manner to preserve the memories of your most special day. 

Weddings are mainly shot with two photographers. Having two of us enables us to be in two places at the same time, for example in the morning when the couple are apart from each other getting ready. This really helps show the story of the day unfolding. During the remainder of the day it enables one of us to focus on the main shots whilst the other can get those small incidental and candid moments that you might otherwise miss.

While shooting weddings we use a combination of the more modern reportage and candid style of photography mixed with formal and informal styles for the group shots, but don't worry, the amount of group shots are totally in your control which we can talk about in our meetings.

Candid photography is becoming more popular with couples wanting to see their nearest and dearest all in one place having fun without them knowing they've been photographed. This method tends to bring out peoples true persona - real people, laughing, chatting and having a great time giving you quality photographs that represent the true ambience of your day.

As one of our brides put in a thankyou message to us:

"I didn't even notice you taking most of them which was great because we have so many gorgeous, natural shots, moments that without your photos we would never be able to keep."

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After your wedding we invite you to our studio (if distance isn't an issue) to view your wedding photographs to ensure you're the first to see them. Afterwards they'll be uploaded for you and your guests to view in your own private, password protected gallery.

Our 3 main packages are quoted to includeour time on your day, all consultations and editing after your wedding. Your digital images are processed in colour and black & white with a selection processed with various effects. They're put on to DVD(s)and are packaged in their own presentation box with a certificate showing joint copyright with ourselves to show any 3rd party printers.

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Destination Wedding Photography

If you're wanting to really gaurantee great weather on your wedding day then maybe a wedding in the UK isn't for you...A Destination Wedding might be the answer! Maybe you have family in another country and wish to marry there. Whatever your reason, destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. If it's your choice and you're looking for destination wedding photographers please email us with your details as far in advance as you possibly can.

We will work with you on a custom package that, more often than not, is much better value than the photographers at the venue of your chosen destination with added peace of mind.

Having professional yet relaxed, native English speaking photographers who you are familiar with and who will understand the English humour and banter is a must for great photographs. We'll be ready to capture those priceless moments of people laughing and joking because we can preempt them being familiar with our language - something that foreign language photographers might lack. No matter how good a photographer they might be or how good their English is still doesn't mean they will "get" British humour.

As a previous client pointed out:

"A foreign photographer might not know somethign is about to happen if they aren't tuned into the launguage and might wander off looking for the next shot just as something important if going to happen therefore missing great photo opportuntities or key moments."

We have also found that many destination wedding photography packages from the tour operators only include a set number of images (maybe 50-100 and more costs a lot more) and sometimes only offer coverage for a couple hours as there might be other weddings for them to shoot on the same day - one story being that the hotel had four weddings and the photographer was stretched over all four! With our package being totally custom we can be there for your whole day, sometimes even more covering the day before and the day after the wedding celebrations and are of course soley concerned with your celebrations.

From bridal preparations all the way through the ceremony, group photographs, romantic sunset shots through to your speeches, reception and first dance or even your WHOLE stay if you have lots planned! We previously shot a wedding up in the western highlands of Scotland. We were up there for four days capturing not only the entire wedding day but the hikes and activities that the bride and groom had planned for their guests over the four days. Being up there right in the middle with all the guests meaning we got to know everyone for two days before the wedding which in turn reflected in the wedding photography with the photographs fun and natural - just the way we like it!

Along with our mainly reportage style of photography and the fact that there is two of us means we are perfectly suited to destination wedding photography. Being able to be in two places at once - two sides of a hotel or in different buildings capturing everything means the full story can be told. We love travelling and meeting new people and destination wedding photography is a service that we can provide. 


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